Why are we here?

 To deliver thoroughbred racing events and provide training facilities for thoroughbred race horses in the lower North Island 


 Where are we going?

 To enhance thoroughbred racing by providing New Zealand's best racing, hospitality and events experience. 


 How do we get there?

 (Strategy currently being developed)

 Having an overriding and urgent foucus towards debt reduction.

 Our strategy is based on Leadership, being Commercially focusedCustomer Service Excellence, focus on Strategic Partnerships as well as our core product-Racing.

 We do this by:

  • Focus on leadership development – we want the best people
  • Be leaders of influence in New Zealand Racing Industry - collaboration
  • Encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Constant focus on customer service excellence in all aspects of our business
  • Grow the RACE brand – events and events centers
  • Structuring ourselves, processes and systems to run in business like and commercial manner
  • Focus on debt reduction through maximising income generation from existing assets incl land holdings, built facilities, our people
  • Maximising returns from existing business operations-racing F and B, partnerships
  • Developing long-term strategic partnerships-incl commercial partners,members,committees,others
  • Caring for and going the extra mile for those strategic partners
  • A constant focus on our core product-Racing 


 What do we want to be known for?


 Professional leadership
 Do what it takes approach  
 Values based
 Best people


 First Class racing events
 First class training facilities
 High quality and profitable functions and catering 
 Profitable and high quality non-race days events
 Safe, comfortable and well maintained venues


 What do we believe in?

 Professional      Integrity       Pride        One Team       Passionate



  • Members
  • Industry Participants
  • RACE Club Committees
  • Strategic Partners
  • All partners
  • Key Industry agencies
  • Race day customers
  • Events/functions customers
  • Community Groups
  • Staff


  • High class and high quality events – international reputation
  • Sustainable business and assets for the long-term
  • Thriving Thoroughbred racing industry in Lower North Island and New Zealand